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Title: Sidewiner
Pairing: Craig/Max
Rating: NC-17?
Summary: Avenged Sevenfold song-fic
Disclaimer: Don't own Don't Sue
AN: This was originally written for a different fandom without the sexy stuff (:



SidewinderCollapse )


Back to college =[

Holidays, Where Did You Go?Collapse )

The rain brought us this though.....

I was surprised my cat didn't eat it!

The ShizzCollapse )

Pull off. That's as in your pants, right?

So I discovered on of Britain's stupidest laws the other day, whilst watching '8 out of 10 cats' .

'It is against the law to die whilst in the Houses of Parliment'

How crazy is that?


Criss Angel You Say?Collapse )


My Summer Has Officially Started!Collapse )

..... I had a dream my friend came to college dressed as a christmas tree last night.

Just so you know.


Dentist?? Oh No!Collapse )

The good side to all this is that as I'm writing this........... I'm munching on podded peas reminding myself that college finishes thursday. Whoop Whoop!!!!

What a week...

This past weeks been kinda mad...

Well at the moment I have all my deadlines for college to meet so I've been doing the past years work........ in a week!
I've been pumping myself full of caffine and energy pills to keep me going and it's resulted in some rather strange happennings and dreams.
I'll tell you about the only dream worth mentioning[sp?]....

...I was in a swimming pool and I was the swimming instructor for my cousin and all her friends. Everthings going fine when next thing I know, one of them sinks to the bottom of the pool. So being the swimming instructor as I am I try to swim to the bottom of the pool and save her, but as I try to swim I realise that I'm in a wheelchair floating on the water. Next thing I know I'm being pulled out of the pool and strapped to a gurney...
I get taken to the emergency room where I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.....
...and I'm only Synyster fucking Gates.

Was strange I tell ya!

Dear God...

So.... I saw the new A7X video yesterday, Dear God.

I'm pretty much in love with it =D


do you blame me??^^


Well Hello ThereCollapse )I've never laughed so much................................... apart from when I saw this episode of 'Rob and Big'